About Us

  • 15+ portfolio companies
  • $19M in assets under management
  • 6 dedicated investment professionals
  • 3 early-stage unicorn investments

Who we are

The Layer Fund is a private equity firm in the blockchain industry. Since 2015, we have made over 15 investments in crypto protocols in the sector, across different stages and asset types.

Deep experience
Our team is comprised of veteran investors in the blockchain industry. Since crypto markets never close, we are focused on conducting deep research and developing investment frameworks 24/7.

Rational strategy focused on ROI
We are diligent about making thoughtful investments in a myriad of use cases, in all market conditions. Blockchain technology is not the correct solution for every application but, when it is, we believe it has transformational power.

Blockchain entrepreneurs  ourselves
We are also a team of entrepreneurs, scrappy and innovating on the private equity model. Utilizing our industry-specific knowledge, we invest in projects that are tackling large problems in the DeFi sector.